The Diamond Mowers SKID STEER DRUM MULCHER is Designed for the tough Australian conditions. Ideal for small to large mulching and brush management applications

  • Commercial forestry.
  • Tree removal in built up/Urban areas.
  • Reclaiming overgrown acres.
  • Creating fire breaks and Asset protection zones
  • Clearing roads and station tracks.
  • Invasive vegetation species control in built up/Urban areas.
  • Strong and durable construction.
  • Available in 1829mm (72″) cutting width.
  • Mulches up to 229mm (9″) diameter trees or brush continuously.
  • 41 Highly efficient, hardened steel, easy to replace teeth, that are easily sharpened to increase efficiency.
  • Proprietary helical tooth pattern modelled after a vacuum brush to feed material efficiently toward the centre of the drum
  • 2-Speed Variable Displacement Piston Motor protected within low profile frame for maximum productivity and visibility.
  • Patented depth control rings to control bite size
  • Anti-Wrap plates protect the drum and prevent material from wrapping.
  • Easily Attach and detach from your skid-steer / compact track loader to add versatility and productivity to your existing asset.
  • Efficient robust solution over inferior competitor models.
  • Total attachment depth comparable to a loader bucket for ease of operation.
  • Achieves a finer more uniform mulch finish.
  • Safer to use in populated, built up areas and around livestock and utilities.


Cutting Width Flow Rating RPM Weight # teeth
1829mm (72”) 121-170 LPM (32-45 GPM) 2500 1447kg 41