2230S Model

The Skid-lift™ 2230S model is ideal for operators looking for a safe, affordable and simple solution to working at heights. With a maximum working height of 28' (8.53m) and spacious 5' (1524mm) x 30" (762mm) deck, the 2230S allows the operator to get into tight spots on rough and uneven terrain safely. Simple set up and easy to transport, the 2230S is ideal for a wide range of applications including building and construction, mining, roofing, maintenance, tree removal, signage and billboard assembly, plus much more.

  • Building and construction.
  • Roofing.
  • Gutter installations.
  • Signage and Billboard installation.
  • General maintenance.
  • Overhead work.
  • Tree trimming.
  • Hotel and apartment window washing.
  • Power line work.
  • Plant maintenance.
  • Overhead observation post.
  • Overhead photography and video.
  • Warehouses.
  • 28' working height (8.53m) 22' platform height (6.70m).
  • 5' (1524mm) x 30” (762mm) spacious deck.
  • Hydraulic controls.
  • Manual extension platform.
  • Overriding ground control.
  • Standard forklift pockets.
  • End and side access doors.
  • One side attach plate.
  • Weight 794Kgs.
  • Reach tight, hard to reach spaces.
  • Work or move over uneven terrain with ease.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Can be attached to a skid steer with a quick plate or pallet fork (optional 3-point mount for tractor available).
  • Eliminates expensive components, such as pumps, hydraulic drive motors, wheels, batteries used on other units.



Collapsible Railing System

Skid-Lift™ has recently developed a collapsible railing system that has been requested by a couple of customers who have needed to get into even tighter areas. This is an optional add-on item and can be ordered by special request.

Basket Lowering Warning System

The Skid-Lift™ basket lowering warning system is an add-on option for operators requiring warning protection when the basket is coming back down to the ground. The system has both a warning light and siren / buzzer. The system is powered by a regular 12V battery which is not included in the system due to shipment of the battery unless it is ordered with a Skid-Lift and installed before delivery. All components can be bolted on and attached to your existing Skid-Lift™. System includes light / siren, mounting post and mount, wiring harness, battery box and mount plate, master switch, flow switch and connectors.

42” Extended Leg Set (2 legs per set)

The 42” extended legs set is an optional item that can be used to level the Skid-Lift™ in very dramatic slope conditions. Examples of this may be when you encounter a steep slope such as bank when cutting trees or around buildings.

Skidsteer to Tractor 3-Point Mount Adapter Plate

The 3-Point adapter plate is a mount that allows the conversion of the skid steer attach plate, which is standard on Skid-Lifts™, to be converted so that it can be connected to a Class I or Class II 3-point hitch.