36”/48” Excavator Forestry Mulcher

Designed for tough Australian conditions, the Diamond Mowers excavator forestry mulcher attachment is designed for large-scale land clearing and professional forestry applications.

Built to last, the Diamond excavator mulcher is a highly-versatile unit capable of cutting and mulching both small and large trees, suckers, shrubbery and brush.

Cutting up to 6”-10” (152-254mm) of materials and mulching up to 4-6” (101-152mm) of materials, the excavator mulcher tackles the toughest jobs, removing invasive species such as gorse, lantana and blackberry with ease.

Designed and manufactured in Sioux Falls, SD, USA, Diamond Mowers utilise only the finest quality componentry.

The attachments can be used on a wide range of excavator brands and models. Contact us to find the right excavator attachment for you.

  • Forestry.
  • Overgrown acres.
  • Road works.
  • Land Owners/ Contractors.
  • Land development.
  • Government.
  • Maintenance projects.
  • Fire prone areas.
  • Stock stations.
  • Strong and durable construction.
  • Highly efficient, hardened steel, easy to replace teeth.
  • Cuts up to 6”-10” (152-254mm) of materials and mulches up to 4-6” (101-152mm) of materials.
  • Able to cut and mulch below ground level.
  • Large disc design creates inertia, increasing energy efficiency and reducing power and fuel consumption.
  • Throws material away from the machine making it safer for operators and easier on gear.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Efficient solution over inferior competitor models.
  • Cost effective to run.
  • Achieves a finer mulch finish.


Product Material Weight Operating Requirements
36" Excavator Forestry Mulcher Cuts 6" / Mulches 4" 925 lb / 419 KG 40 - 80 GPM / 3,000 - 3,500 PSI / 151 - 302 LPM
48" Excavator Forestry Mulcher Cuts 10" / Mulches 6" 2,150 lb / 975 KG 40 - 80 GPM / 3,000 - 3,500 PSI / 151 - 302 LPM